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These rules apply to :

  • All players
  • }S|H{ Members
  • }S|H{ Max Joiners
  • }S|H{ Admins
  • }S|H{ Super Admins
  1. No Spam Allowed On Forum Or ShoutBox
  2. No Advertising Allowed Before Consulting WebSite Moderators
  3. No Insult/Bad Language/Swearing Allowed On Forums
  4. No Adult (Explict) Materials Allowed
  5. Always Post In Right Forum Section Or Your Post Could Be Moved Or Deleted
  6. Don't go Off Topic Or your Post Could Be Deleted
  7. Spamming Users (Re-registering/RePosting) Might Be Banned From Site
  8. Use Private Message Or Private Chat For personal Stuff
  9. New members, do not apply to be Admins
  10. We choose who will be Admins after a period of activity as a Max joiner
  11. Super Admins will only be chosen after observation by the senior members of SH. e.g. Tired - I Am Suspect - Bravo
  12. Do NOT create multiple website accounts
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