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These rules apply to :

  • All players
  • }S|H{ Members
  • }S|H{ Max Joiners
  • }S|H{ Admins
  • }S|H{ Super Admins
  1. Tactical camping is allowed !!! When you camp too long, the server will automatically kill you !!!
  2. Bug-using disabled.
  3. UAC (Universal Anti-Cheat) application is require to play in our servers !!! Please join UAC, If you are being ask by admin to avoid ban or kick.
  4. Only English language allowed in the server. You might get mute if necessary.
  5. Accidental spawn killing can happen and allowed.
  6. Re-spawn camping and killing not allow. You will get kick if you do so. (Spawn kill = move over less than 2 meter or staying less)
  7.  Insulting other players and using foul language are strictly prohibited.
  8. No team tazing and other kinds of team attacking is not allow.
  9. Do not try to arrest "AFK (away from keyboard)" players.
  10. Join "SPEC" mode if you are going to be "AFK".
  11. Do not spam chat, kill or steal other players arrest.
  12. Say sorry when you do team kill or arrest kill.
  13. Do not block door way or block players.
  14. Do not use racist language or nick name.
  15. Admins decision are final.
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