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  3. Monday, 06 April 2020
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Hello dear Friends

It is so good to be back here,
SH community is indeed a magical place, the laughs and lovely and crazy moments we all spent together here is priceless

I remember when I first joined here, 10 years ago! some of you were already here and welcomed me in a warm heart.
later when I become an admin, some of you I applied their application to join the community
I remember how busy and amazing it was back in the day.

I am super happy a lot of my friends stayed here until now, even though its a decade, but you still the warm-hearted kind crazy people I love and enjoy being with

special thanks to our Buddy Toothless for reaching out to me, it was a pleasant surprise to know that the server and our community is still running

SH brings back a lovely part in my past Thanks for the amazing times together friends and the thanks for staying here together

See you guys around